Tractor Service

Our full-service checkup is the most extensive around:

  • Complete Service for Lawn Mowers Includes:
    • Replace spark plug
    • Remove carburetor, check float (or diaphragm)
    • Clean fuel system
    • Replace bowl drain
    • Replace bowl gasket (or diaphragm)
    • Change oil
    • Clean under deck
    • Sharpen and balance blade (or replace)
    • Lubricate control cables
    • Check belts and pulleys
    • Clean and service wheel ratchets
    • Start and adjust
    • Check unit operation
  • Complete Service for Snow Blowers Includes:
    • Engine:
      • Replace points, condenser, and spark plug
      • Check oil seal
      • Check bowl drain and bowl gasket
      • Check carb kit
      • Check starter kit and spring
      • Lubricate
      • Check muffler
      • Check electric starter
      • Check throttle cable
      • Check choke plate
      • Change oil
      • Clean gas tank
      • Check fuel line
      • Check fuel shut-off
      • Check gas cap (snow-proof)
      • Check head, mill and replace head gasket
    • Auger:
      • Replace shear pins
      • Check gear case
      • Replace gear lube and grease (auger fittings)
      • Make sure augers aren't frozen up
      • Check bearings
      • Adjust shoe height
    • Drive Train:
      • Check belt
      • Check drive pulleys
      • Check friction wheel
      • Check bearings
      • Check & lubricate chains
      • Make sure shafts are free
      • Lubricate all moving parts
    • Miscellaneous:
      • Check tire pressure
      • Tighten all chains
      • Grease all grease fittings
      • Grease chute
      • Lubricate all cables
      • Check all safety switches
      • Run and adjust
      • Check unit operation

Small Repair

Save yourself time and money and bring in machine applications for us to work on as a small repair. This method makes for a faster return time, and a cheaper labor rate for our customers

  • Carburetor Rebuild
  • Recoil Starter Repair
  • Tire Mounting (w/ Tube)
  • Welding
  • Chain Repair and Resizing

Pickup and Delivery

We have a pick up and delivery service that is free for Victor Residents and a small charge for residents beyond the Victor area. If you're unable to bring your machine in for servicing, or unable to transport your purchased mower from our shop, then let us deliver for you!

If you are going to bring the machine in yourself, there is no need to make an appointment. Just bring it in when you are done using it for the season and we will take care of the rest.

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