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BCS is the largest manufacturer in Europe of premium quality, all-gear-driven, two-wheel tractors and attachments. Hundreds of thousands of customers in over 50 countries depend upon BCS quality every day to accomplish a multitude of demanding tasks --tilling, mowing, snow removal, chipping, sweeping, etc.

Founded in the 1940’s by Engineer Luigi Castoldi, BCS helped pioneer the mechanization of agriculture in Italy. As you can imagine from the accompanying photograph, taken in 1946, the introduction of the BCS “motor mower” transformed the process of haymaking, compared to the use of hand scythes.

The tradition of innovation continues. Today’s precision-crafted, two-wheel tractor features reversible handlebars that accommodate both front- and rear-mount attachments. Its all-gear-driven performance provides a dramatic alternative to the belt- and chain-driven, single purpose equipment typically sold by the lawn and garden power equipment industry in the US.

Here at All County Lawn Tractor & Trailer Center we take pride in being able to deliver you a fantastic piece of equipment, whether it's for business, large or small, or for the homeowner we know you will be impressed by BCS products. These machines are tough enough to stand up to the punishment for any application and they continue to maintain a comfort and are easy to operate.

Contact us today or stop by and visit our showroom to explore the many advantages of owning a BCS tractor, we have a variety to choose from and the full line of attachments. Our sales department will be happy to help you decided which is the best choice for you.

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